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Flies in Your Home During Summer Months

As the days in Calgary get warmer the presence of common pests become greater.  One pest who gains lots of attention during summer time in the city is the Fruit Fly, and Calgary Pest Control Company, One Man and a Ladybug, are experienced in the management of this hot weather pest.

Fruit Flies in Calgary become abundant through the summer months as their main source of diet is decaying fruit and vegetables.  Fruit flies are also prevalent in moist areas where decaying matter has been present for a few days.  In light of the recent flooding in and around Calgary – don’t be surprised to see more activity from certain pests – as the moisture and subsequent decaying matter is the perfect environment for pests to thrive in.  If you have concerns regarding an increase in pest activity following flood activity – contact One Man and a Ladybug for an accurate diagnosis.

Fruit flies can survive in any environment where there is moisture and something sweet, or fermented, to live off. Obviously the first step in the control of flies is to remove all produce from your home that is over-ripe, oozing sugary liquid, or has been cut or damaged and is exposing flesh.  Removing produce from your home means taking it off-site, not just throwing it in to a garbage container under the sink.  Containers such as garbage cans and composting cans can be the breeding ground for future flies.  Bag all garbage and wash out all receptacles to ensure that there is no sticky residue remaining. Moving a compost can further away from your home will also help prevent flies from buzzing around your doors and windows – and potentially entering your house.  One Man and a Ladybug provides pest control management to Calgary homes and businesses and stresses the importance of keeping houses and buildings clean and free from any debris that can attract and cause an initial outbreak of pests.  This Calgary Pest Control service goes on to explain that dirty mops, dish cloths, and sponges also provide the perfect environment for flies to feed off small particles of food – so it’s good practice to sanitize these items regularly and during an outbreak of flies to dispose of old dish cloths and sponges.

Pest Control Management in Calgary also consists of helping home owners and businesses prevent infestations of pests – and by providing current and accurate information on the habits and cycles of common household pests found in Calgary the management of pests becomes more effective.  Fruit flies aren’t just found living off your decaying fruit and vegetables – kitchen garburators and slow drains often provide the perfect hang out place for flies.  The remaining food debris and stagnant water allows flies to thrive and breed – making sure that kitchen sinks, pipes, and garburators are working optimally is a vital step in the prevention of a fly infestation.

Calgary Pest Management requires attention being paid to human and pet activity in a home and business.  One Man and a Ladybug Pest Control Service ensure that the surrounding environment and all non-targeted pests are not affected by the intervention of pest management.  Using environmentally conscious products means that only the pest is removed – not your pets.  If you have a fly infestation in your Calgary property or for more information regarding Pest Management in Calgary – contact One Man and a Ladybug today 403.262.1666

This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+