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How to Handle Dead Vermin Safely

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Discovering you have a rodent infestation is bad enough, but finding a dead specimen makes it just that much worse. Regardless of how a dead rodent ended up in your house, either by a clever DIY invention of your own or your kids’ cat drug it in, the very next question to worry about is “now what do I do with it?” Before you do anything, keep in mind that rodents are known carriers of dangerous diseases and you should never handle a dead mouse or any other rodent with bare hands! But here’s what you can do!

Mouse Mouse! Get Out of My House!

The number one rule when disposing of dead vermin is to wear rubber gloves! Rodents carry a variety of diseases that are harmful and potentially lethal to humans. To reduce as much contact as possible, this is where gloves come in and if you are cleaning droppings or nesting materials, gloves are definitely a must! If you’re in a pinch, a plastic bag turned inside out to scoop up that little rodent body and tie it up all in one go is another option! Either way, we recommend double bagging and disposing of the rodent, and the trap if you so choose, and then thoroughly disinfect the area that you found the cadaver. A mixture of bleach and hot water will do the trick and then do a final spray down of a powerful disinfectant to finish, which by now we all have on hand in our cleaning supplies. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after as well!


If you have the unfortunate task of cleaning up after a deceased rodent, the chances of their fellows being present, possibly even nearby, are quite high. Remember that mice can fit into teeny tiny spaces and could very well be hiding under floorboards or in the walls. Before you think too hard about this, concentrate on protecting your home against these pests. Seal all your food items, even the dry ones, and clean up messes and sugary spills as they happen. The trash is a smorgasbord for hungry pests, so make sure you’re frequently taking out the garbage, compost and bottles. Some folks heat their homes with a fireplace, but keep in mind that woodpiles are perfect mouse havens. Try to keep the firewood stacked away from your front door or set up traps around your woodpiles.

We know a dead rodent is a very unsettling thing to find in your home and that’s why we want to help you. If you’re worried you might have more than a one-time problem and potential mouse infestation on your hands, give us a call at 403-262-1666 and we’ll make sure to keep the vermin out of your home this winter!