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Fall Tree Care

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While we never want to admit that summer is over, winter will inevitably weasel it’s way back into the air and we’ll soon be trading our cute fall outfits for winter boots and scarves before we can say “boo.” With winter comes those frigid temperatures, so it’s a good idea to prep your home and your yard for the chill. This prep should also include the trees that share your space! Here’s how you can make sure your rooted friends are set for Alberta’s coldest season. 

Keep it Moist

We all know that the biggest part of tree care is watering them. But did you know it’s just as important to water a tree in the fall as it is to water them it in the spring? Giving our leafy counterparts a headstart on moisture retention will help them last through the harshest months of the year. All this means is making sure to thoroughly saturate the roots before the frost sticks. Try a subsurface watering method to reach the roots further down by using an injection probe that slowly releases water into the top 12 inches of soil. This is the ideal way to quench newly planted trees and bushes and shrubs that lack an irrigation system.

Mulch and Fertilizer

Summer usually means potential heat stress and dehydration. Even though we had many days of rain this summer, your trees could be thirsty for nutrients! Adding fertilizer into your fall tree maintenance is the best way to ensure that your leafy neighbours are receiving the vitamins and minerals that they need. Look for slow releasing fertilizers and those that promote root growth over leaf growth. Once applied, cover the fertilized soil with mulch to hold in both moisture and nutrients, but make sure to leave enough space between trunk and mulch to deter mice from foraging!

Keep an eye out for your trees this fall by giving them the extra care they need to combat the winter. Watch for critters or potential threats, such a disease or illness and act right away if you notice rodent activity or abnormalities. If you suspect that your tiny forest may be suffering, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403.262.1666. Our technicians are ready to help you and your trees head into winter confidently this year!