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Mouse Mouse, Get Out of My House!

Mouse Mouse, Get Out of My House! - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary - Featured Image

Without a doubt, as soon as the winter temperatures start to set in, little critters will try to make their way into the warmth of our homes and our offices. And while mice are cute, you probably don’t want to share your Thanksgiving dinners or Halloween candy with them! If you’re worried about the potential threat of a mouse invasion this fall, or if you’re dealing with one already, here’s what you need to know to get rid of a furry house guest!

Fall Into a Clean Routine

Mice like easy access to food and shelter, so if we take away the possibility of an easy living situation for them, they’re much less likely to try and become your new roommate. The best way to do this is to keep a clean house. Remove all mouse meals by thoroughly cleaning any food leftovers or spills off the floors and counters. Take out the trash frequently and seal all food items in airtight containers. If a mouse can’t smell it, it won’t come looking for it! A tidy of your yard will also deter a mouse. Remove debris and keep piles of wood away from the house’s exterior as a mouse may wait close by for your to leave your backdoor open. Fill cracks and holes in the foundation with steel wool as this will keep mice out and heat in!

Traps and Why They’re Humane

Sometimes a mouse will still manage to make its way into our homes. But once they’re in, how do we get rid of them? While using poisons to rid yourself of a mouse problem might can be effective, it’s not the safest or most humane way to deal with the fuzzy little issues. Not only does using poison put you and your loved ones at risk of possible exposure, but if a house pet or another animal happens to make a poisoned mouse their dinner, they’re at risk of severe illness or even death. To save yourself the worry, use traps instead. Traps kill mice instantly and they won’t suffer like they would by ingesting poison.

Maintaining a mouse-free home can be easy this fall if you remember to keep temptations off the table. Mice just want food and shelter and if you remove these from the equation, your home becomes much less appealing. But even if your best efforts aren’t enough, consider traps as opposed to poisons to eliminate a furry invasion. If that invasion is persistent, we’re happy to help. Give us a call at 403.262.1666 and we’ll get started on a plan of attack to rid your home of unwanted guests!