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A Springtime Checklist – For Your Trees!

A Springtime Checklist - For Your Trees! - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

We’re coming out of hibernation, and so are pests and insects. New life is buzzing everywhere! We often associate spring with new beginnings, and that can directly translate to our annual spring cleaning list. Just like we make a checklist for cleaning our homes and properties, did you know that it’s a good idea to have a similar checklist for your trees? Here’s what you can do to help out your leafy friends this spring!


Caring for your trees as spring begins can be narrowed down to three simple steps, and it all starts right at the tail end of winter. Before the snow has fully bid its farewell, go get familiar with your trees! While they’re still naked, look for signs of disease or winter damage. If you find potential or present disease, prune the affected area as soon as you can. A common misconception is pruning only during warm weather, but it’s actually most beneficial to prune just before it really warms up as this lessens the chance of a full spread infection or infestation.


The next step is to prepare your trees to bloom to the best of their ability! This means clearing out leaf fall, debris, unhealthy limbs and other winter decay to give your trees a leg up on healthy growth. Another healthy performance aid is to fuel them some dense, vitamin-rich nutrition in the form of a slow-release fertilizer. This can be applied to your trees before it’s fully spring, as they will start to absorb it right away.


While fertilizing is a terrific option, mulching can be just as beneficial. Mix the two together and you have yourself a very happy tree! Use three to four inches of mulch around the base of each trunk to hold in moisture and nutrients. The mulch also helps with weed control! If you’ve been debating about adding to your personal forest, the best time to do so is when the trees are sprouting! Planting early gives them more time to chow down on all the abundant goodies that springtime provides. Not only does it make your property that much more beautiful, but a canopy of leaves can keep your air conditioning costs down and save you energy!


It’s easy to get a head start on taking care of your trees this spring. With care and diligence, you’ll have yourself a beautiful grove in no time. Just make sure you properly feed, prune and water your leafy friends as soon as that snow starts to disappear. For more information on how to care for trees, get in touch with one of our specialists at 403.262.1666! We look forward to chatting with you!