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The Bees and the Blooms

The Bees and the Blooms - One Man and a Lady bug - Pest Control Calgary

It might seem a little early to be celebrating the coming of spring, but we know for sure it’s on the way! That means patio parties, BBQs, and eating fresh veggies from the garden are just around the corner. The thaw is starting to promote that prime climate for the seasonal flowers and plants, the perfect habitat for a hungry little bee. If you’re planning to put together your own flower garden this summer, consider adding in some vegetation for our buzzing friends!


Just like we are, bees are attracted to large blocks of bright, beautiful colours. These blocks of flowers make it easier for bees to find the buds and to start pollinating. Try to think of creating a bee oasis in the form of an urban meadow with meter diameter sections of flowers. This ambitious goal is not possible for everyone, but window planters will absolutely still do the trick! It’s a bonus if you can choose flowers that bloom at different times through the spring, summer and into the fall to provide tasty meals for bees for as long as possible!


Because they see through the ultraviolet spectrum, bees tend to prefer blooms that come in yellows, purples, blues and white. Some of the best buds to plant for spring blooms are wild lilacs, hyacinth and bleeding hearts. Summertime is a perennials playground and some go-to flowering plants are lilies, bee-balm and sage. When the temperatures start to dip, yarrow, blue fortune and chrysanthemums are hardy little plants that can withstand those drops. It’s easy to find low maintenance flowering plants—check out your local garden centers for blooming periods!


It’s not a secret that the bee population has suffered dramatically in the last decade. With such a drop in their numbers, it’s up to us to do our part to help these fuzzy little insects stay afloat. The best way to do that is by planting as many flowering plants as you can. Don’t be a part of the problem, be a solution!