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Prepare Your Home for Spring Pest Control

Though it may not feel like we need to start thinking of spring after the cold snap we’ve experienced, it’s always a good idea to start early with your preparations for those spring pests. As the ground thaws and the earth wakes up, critters and bugs will wake up too and they’ll be on the lookout for a cozy place to live. Let’s make sure that cozy place is not your home this spring! Here’s how you can prepare for spring pest control to protect your home.

Nooks and Crannies

While it’s still chilly out, take a thorough walk around your property to inspect the foundation of the buildings for any crevices or cracks. Filling these will seal out the bugs and could even help with your heating bill. To combat rodents, you’ll need to fill any hole or gap larger than a dime with steel wool as they won’t chew through this, but they will take a bite out of silicone or wood putty! Cut away weeds, grass, shrubs, or even trees that are touching the walls or overhanging the roof of your home as this can provide a bridge or cover to climb up to windows, chimneys, under shingles and into the roof itself. Pests may start outside, but they’ll eventually get curious and want to move in.

Debris, Debris!

That pile of brush you cut down last fall that you’ve been meaning to get rid of is the perfect place for pests to nest down over winter before they find your home in the spring. Keeping your yard debris-free will greatly decrease the number of pests that will attempt to make homes under firewood stacked too close to the door, leaf piles, crates, boxes, and any other pile of scraps that creepy critters can hide under. Try to keep objects and clutter off the ground in sheds and garages when possible, this includes firewood! A great option is stacking your firewood on pallets covered in tarps and making sure it’s far from any entry points into your home.

A Good Clean

Kitchens and living areas that are free of food scraps, crumbs and spills are less likely to attract pests, so a good spring cleaning is never a bad idea! Make it a habit to frequently take out the garbage and store all dried goods in airtight containers. This includes things like flour, pasta, rice, other baking ingredients and your pet’s food! Wipe your counters with a vinegar solution as the smell is a natural pest deterrent while also being a disinfectant and use peppermint oil around doors and windows to combat mice, spiders and other pests.

Remove excess water from birdbaths, flower pots, gutters and other drains to prevent mosquitoes from multiplying close by when the snow melts. It’s a good idea to do another walk around when the weather warms up to check for stinging insect nests in corners and tucked away under the eaves. Make sure you’re keeping up with regular pest inspections and remember to book your spring pest inspection right away. If you suspect you might be dealing with a pest problem or you’ve found evidence of pest infestation, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403.262.1666 and we’ll be happy to help you make this a pest-free spring!