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Tree Insects – When To Call A Calgary Pest Control Company

Calgary Pest Management Company – One Man and a Ladybug Ltd. – are the experts when it comes to preventing or handling Landscape Pest Control concerns.  Providing both residential and commercial Pest Control Service in Calgary and surrounding areas – this environmentally conscious team understands the delicate need for balance when controlling Pest Infestation; and delivers pet and human friendly solutions that protect landscapes and properties from unwanted critters.

There are numerous insects that live on trees – some of them are welcome guests due to their harmless nature – while others are party wreckers, causing permanent damage (sometimes fatal) to the leaves, branches, and trunks of trees – caused by their burrowing, chewing, or sucking nature.  Some trees can survive a mild influx of insects – but repeat infestations usually cause significant damage to the tree, leading to the tree’s death.  Obviously the first line of defense against Insect and Pest Infestation is to have healthy trees – the health and vitality of your trees is a vital step in not only preventing an insect and bug infestation – but in giving a tree a chance to survive a pest invasion.

Chewing bugs like caterpillars and beetles can literally strip a tree of its energy by feeding off leaves.  These defoliator bugs need to have their movements limited so they can’t move up trees or go from one tree to another.  Trees often require spraying or having some physical device attached to prevent the bug movement – early intervention prevents the death of a tree and allows it to regain its vitality.  Insects that cause the most damage to trees are ones that burrow or tunnel in to the trunk of a tree and lay eggs.  These Bugs feed off the inner tissues; causing the upper part of a tree to be starved of nutrients and die.  Usually there are signs that boring insects have taken up residence in your trees – regular checking for holes and sawdust will enable you to contact a Calgary Pest Control Company as soon as possible, as action will be required to prevent tree loss.

One Man and a Ladybug explain that not all insects and bugs are harmful to trees – some benefit a trees health.  Calling a Pest Management Firm in Calgary to check the health of your trees and evaluate for bug infestation is a great way to keep your landscape looking good season after season.

If you suspect you have some unwanted tree insects – contact One Man and a Ladybug today – 403.262.1666

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