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The Three Easiest Ways to Care for Your Trees

The Three Easiest Ways to Care for Your Trees - One Man and a Lady bug - Pest Control Calgary

When we’re looking to escape the concrete jungle and find some quiet time in nature, we often find ourselves gravitating to wooded, green areas. Even if you find solace with nature in other avenues, we can all admit that trees are a fundamental part of our lives and are equally as beautiful as they are life giving. So how do we do our part to give back to our trees to help them reach their full potential? It’s actually quite easy if you think of it in three easy steps – water, fertilize, protect.


Trees need a tall glass of water too! Keeping trees hydrated, especially if the weather doesn’t cooperate with rain, is extremely important for their wellbeing. The younger the tree, the more essential it is to provide it with water if precipitation isn’t in the forecast. Most trees, depending on their size and maturity, need about 25 gallons of water a week ,which is the equivalent to 1.5 inches of rainfall. To achieve this, either leave a garden hose on low next to the base of your tree for at least half an hour, set up a full five gallon pail with holes in the bottom next to the trunk. Alternatively, you can use a 25 gallon, slow release water bag and fill it each week.

Fertilizing and Mulching

Young trees that haven’t established an intricate, deep root system reap the most benefits from fertilizing, but do remember that different trees have different needs. When fertilizing, keep in mind that blossoming trees are the most needy when it comes to frequent nutrition care. Depending on the fertility of soil they reside in, most trees can survive quite nicely on just the bare minimum. However, seasonal mulching is never a bad idea, as it helps to keep the soil moist and naturally controls weed growth. When mulching, remember the 3 by 3 by 3 rule: three inches of mulch in a three foot circle running a three inch radius around your tree!


Trees can’t always fend for themselves, so it’s our job to keep an eye on them. Give your tree a good once over.  Are there any signs of disease or pests? The easiest way to gauge the health of a tree is by the state of its leaves; are they wilted, curled, chewed down or filmy? These are indications of insect infestation and disease. Depending on the severity, calling a pest control professional may be necessary. Another threat to trees is animals, with deer being high on the list of culprits if the tree is young and small. Trunk guards and deer fencing are options if critters decide to make meals out of your baby trees.

Trees aren’t difficult to take care of if you make the time. It just involves a little diligence and effort on our part. If all you have to remember is three, easy steps to keep your trees happy, why not make the choice to give back to nature?

If you suspect your trees may be unhealthy or there are signs of an insect infestation, give One Man and a Lady Bug a call at 403.262.1666, and our friendly staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have!