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Tell Mosquitos to “Suck it!” this Summer

Tell Mosquitos to “Suck it!” this Summer - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

It’s that time of year when the bloodsuckers start to emerge. The warmth and the rain have created ideal habitats for an annoying little insect and they’re beginning to thrive and multiply. Moisture is in the air and so is the mosquito! It’s no joke that the mosquito population will be joining us during all of our favourite warm weather activities as we move outdoors, but we can get a head start on keeping the little suckers at bay! Here’s a few ways we can start protecting ourselves from the tiniest vampires on earth.

Plants to Send Them Packing

Plants and flowers are excellent for beautifying your front and backyards, but some of them also act as an all natural bug repellent! A perfect example is the lavender plant. Though we may love the smell, mosquitoes definitely don’t! Other herbs they don’t love are basil, rosemary, sage, catnip, mint and lemongrass. Window planters for herbs will deter mosquitoes from coming near the windows. They offer an added layer of protection while also being aesthetically pleasing! If you’re more interested in planting flowers, chrysanthemums, petunias, marigolds and geraniums will do the trick!

Bug Spray

Before you buy an entire shelf of DEET, remember that even though it keeps the suckers away, this chemical spray causes more health and environmental problems in the long run. Try using a more natural remedy for bug spray – your lungs and your backyard plants will thank you! Our team offers natural, organic solutions to mosquito problems, including a spray treatment perfect for keeping them away from outdoor parties and events.

Give Them Less of a Habitat

If you don’t give them somewhere to breed, they won’t feed! Get rid of any standing water in buckets, trash cans or toys and any other places where water sits still. Create a barrier around your home with a mosquito repellent spray.

We’ll have to deal with mosquitoes this summer like we do every summer. But this year, you’re going to be prepared! Contact One Man & a Ladybug to discuss ways to protect your backyard, or any outdoor events you may be holding, safe from mosquitoes this summer.