Hiring a Calgary Pest Control Company

From Bed Bugs to Cluster Flies and Mice Infestations to Landscape diseases – there are many reasons why a home or business owner may have to make a call to a Calgary Pest Control Company -but flicking through the yellow pages while trying to handle an unexpected pest infestation isn’t the ideal way to select
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Firewood Pests – How to Prevent Them from Infesting Your Home

There’s nothing more welcoming than a roaring fire – especially now that winter temperatures are upon us, bringing cooler nights and chilly homes.  Having a pile of cut firewood ready by the hearth makes a picture worthy scene – but are you sure your firewood isn’t harboring insects that are just waiting for an opportunity
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Proper Cleanup of Mouse Droppings

You’ve noticed some small dark droppings around your home – and maybe when you pull out your stove or fridge you’re surprised to see an excess of mouse droppings.  Obviously your first instinct is to get rid of these droppings as fast as possible – but slowing down and taking some necessary steps to ensure
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