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Spiders and How to Get Rid of Them

Spiders and How to Get Rid of Them - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

Widely regarded as the stuff of nightmares for some folks, spiders are one of those those little creepy crawlies that always seem to be up on the debating poll of “beneficial” vs “disgusting”. They can be extremely beneficial in helping us control other bugs, such as mosquitoes and flies, but they aren’t as beneficial if they start families in our attics and in the corners of our homes. Though they might not be as pesky as most other bugs, they definitely can pose an issue to your home life if they multiply to an infestation. We’re quite lucky here in Alberta in the sense that only two species of spider are actually venomous and are extremely rare to come across – the rest of these critters are just annoying. If spiders give you the heebie jeebies or you simply just don’t feel like housing a colony of eight legged squatters, there are a few easy tricks to make your home much less spider-friendly!

A Mean Clean

Like with most pest control, the best preventative measure you can take is to make sure you keep your home clean and tidy. Leftover food and garbage attracts other pests, like ants and flies, and since these kind of bugs are a spider’s favourite meal, they will follow them indoors. Frequent cleaning and thorough vacuuming will make your home much less inviting for bug visitors, and therefore spiders as well! Yes, that means vacuuming under beds, couches and appliances.

Eliminating clutter is another good trick to keeping spiders out. Tidying up old newspapers and magazines, cleaning out the clutter underneath your kitchen sink and watching how many boxes you’re stacking in the attic leaves less spaces for spiders to spin webs. Take the time to fill in any nooks and crannies around the foundation of your home with caulk and not only will your house stay warmer in the winter, but it’s harder for tiny invaders to make their way inside. The less space there is for a spider, the less space there is for their food source as well!

Natural Deterrents

It’s always a bonus if eco-friendly options are available when it comes to pest control. Thankfully, spiders have a few deterrents that are easy to use in our homes. One of the best deterrents for insects in general is using vinegar as a makeshift and much less toxic pesticide. Mixing equal parts water and vinegar, use this solution on doorways, window sills and around the perimeter of your house. The strong smell of vinegar, which vanishes to our human senses once dry, acts as a barrier against bugs and spiders alike. Using it as an alternative to harsher cleaning solutions makes your home even less inviting for those arachnids. Another effective deterrent is using peppermint oil. We might love the smell of peppermint, but spiders find it revolting. To make it easier to cover more surface area, mix peppermint oil in a spray bottle with water and spritz all entry points and baseboards. Not only will your home smell minty fresh, but it will be so much less cozy for any potential spider roommates!

Even if spiders don’t scare you, it’s not an ideal situation to be living with tons of these little eight legged critters. Making it difficult for spiders to find food and shelter is a surefire way to control any possible invasions, but sometimes these innovative little guys will still find a place to hide in your home. Bugs are our business at One Man and a Lady Bug, and if spiders are causing you trouble, we’ve got your back. Get in touch with us, we’ll evict any unwanted roommates quickly and efficiently so you can go back to enjoying your summer!