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Overwintering Insects – Hibernating to Survive the Cold

Unlike the famous Monarch Butterfly that flies up to two thousand miles a day to reach the warmer climates of Florida and Mexico – many insects have no choice but to stay put during Canada’s cold wintry months – and have to turn to hibernation in order to survive frigid temperatures and lack of available nourishment.

Calgary Pest Control Specialists at One Man and a Lady Bug explain that unlike the intimidating body mass of grizzly bears that have the ability to control their body temperature – insects just don’t have the body fat to prevent fluids from freezing during the cold months of winter.  In an attempt to survive Calgary’s long winter, insects have to rely on their brain-power over physical prowess and turn to survival instincts that enable them to wait out below freezing temperatures.

So where do insects go in winter?  Well similar to humans – insects seek out the company of friends, just in far greater numbers.  Bees and wasps huddle closely together to create increased body heat that can sustain them throughout cooler temperatures – and insects like ants and termites burrow below the frost line to feast on stored food and spend winter with thousands of fellow colony members.  But there’s also the insects who just can’t be bothered to burrow underground, or spend hours building the ultimate hive – especially when they have you – unsuspecting homeowners who offer great winter shelter and sustenance for free.

Yes – it’s true – many an insect will spend winter lounging in drywall crevices, attic corners and protective basements – waiting for the call of spring.  Ladybugs, Cluster Flies and Beetles are just a few species who love to spend winter with humans – and will use every tactic in the book to inch their way in to a warm, cozy environment. And though their often dormant, lazy winter months, enable them to remain unnoticed in a home or business – seasonal temperature changes sometimes spurs activity due to them mistaking unseasonal warmth for an approaching spring.  Flies gathering around doors and windows can be the first sign that insects have been hiding out in your home – prompting the need to contact an Extermination Company in Calgary to manage the unwelcome houseguests.

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