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More Natural Hacks For a Bug-Free Summer

More Natural Hacks For a Bug-Free Summer - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

From planting lavender to burning sage and rosemary, there are several natural hacks proven to help keep notorious summertime bugs away. Once you’ve planted some citronella and lavender and added some bursts of mint and basil around your deck, you can start to sit back and relax without the annoyance of persistent buzzing around you. But some bugs are really determined to be part of summertime activities and won’t be deterred by the faint hint of mint in the air. But don’t despair – there are a few more natural remedies to share that will help you survive summer bug activity.

Bees and Wasps – How To Keep Them Away

Though we welcome bees into our yards to help with pollination, we don’t want them swarming around our table during outdoor meals. Wasps can also be particularly bothersome when food is around, as aggressive species aren’t perturbed by the odd swat. But what bees and wasps can’t stand are cut lemons, especially when the lemons are laden with cloves. To deter bees and wasps from your deck or patio, cut a lemon in half and stick approximately ten cloves in the flesh of each lemon. Put it in a dish, or create a garland of them to hang, and place it in an area you want to prevent unwanted bee and wasp action.

Don’t Get Ticked-Off This Summer

Ticks are more than a nuisance – they’re a bug that can negatively impact human and pet health. You don’t have to be tramping through thick forests to get bitten by a tick; even if you’re quietly gardening, the risk of a bite still exists. Known to hang on longer blades of grass, ticks are very opportunistic and won’t miss a chance to latch-on to a bare ankle or leg. So what can you do to keep ticks away from you this summer? Many health organizations promote the use of DEET for protection from tick bites, but if you’re looking for a more natural solution, certain essential oils are proving to be effective. Some natural sprays promote a mix of vinegar, water, and an essential oil such as clove, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, or geranium. Sprayed directly on clothing and skin, and this mix seems to keep ticks off humans.

Tips For Dealing With Bugs In-Doors

Most homeowners would agree that dealing with bugs in yards and gardens is one thing, but once they cross the threshold that’s a whole other game. Invariably, bugs venture inside a home in the search of food, and are often beckoned by the smell of old trash, dirty sinks, and old fruit. Keeping fruit in the refrigerator and covering varieties that don’t refrigerate is a must in preventing bug interest. Emptying the trash regularly and washing out the trash receptacle weekly also helps keep attracting odors to a minimum. And if you’re a lover of composting, setting up the compost as far away from the house as possible will keep not only bugs but other critters away from your home.

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