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Keep An Eye Out For These Winter Pests

There’s nothing cozier than a hot drink under a blanket while watching the snowfall. Winter in Canada is no joke and the pests we have here know it. Our homes are warm and comfortable and pests looking to get out of the cold will seek a way to get inside and there are quite a few to keep an eye out for. Here’s who you need to be watching for in terms of pests this winter!

Cold weather doesn’t seem to slow them down and cockroaches can become a nuisance any time of the year pretty much anywhere on the planet. Roaches will hitchhike into our homes through any item they can hold onto that makes it inside. This can be groceries, furniture, luggage or a school backpack. These pests can quickly turn a small issue into a full-blown infestation, so to avoid a cockroach-friendly home, make sure to vacuum, mop and sweep often. Remove clutter such as stacks of newspaper, clothing and other items that roaches could hide under. Check places such as under appliances, particularly the stove or the fridge as bits of food can gather there and offer dinner to go for a roach. If you see one live cockroach, the likelihood of there being many is quite high.

Unfortunately, it’s not cute, fuzzy Disney character mice that find their way in and these critters can fit in through surprisingly small entry points! Wild mice can cause major damage to our homes by chewing through wires, walls and pantry items. They can carry some rather harmful diseases and should be dealt with quickly if you suspect they might be present. Mice are always looking for a warm cozy place with accessible food, therefore make sure to clean up spills and crumbs as they happen and try not to leave leftovers or dirty dishes out overnight. Pay attention to areas such as basements, attics and crawl spaces for activity and signs of nesting, gnawing or droppings.

Box Elder Bugs
If you tend to burn firewood to warm your home, keep an eye on ash, maple and box elder tree wood as this is how these bugs will hitch a ride in! They might try to infiltrate your shed before your home, but as the temperatures drop, these red and black little bugs will find any excuse to come inside with us. They prefer basements and attics, but will search for ways inside through even the smallest cracks. Be sure to fill all cracks and small holes and make sure to limit clutter in places like garages, sheds, basements and attics. If you have maple, ash or box elder trees on your property, make sure no branches are overhanging your home as box elder bugs will march across and attempt to come in through the roof!

If you find evidence or spot any of these pests in your home, you can absolutely start taking preventative measures, but calling in the experts will be your best option. As much as we like to DIY things ourselves these days, you don’t want to mess around with a pest invasion. One Man and a Lady Bug has been dealing with winter pests for over 20 years and we come with that experience and knowledge to help you deal with any pest issues you are facing. Give us a call at 403.262.1666 today and we’d be delighted to help you stay pest free this winter!