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How to Protect Your Trees This Summer

How to Protect Your Trees This Summer

Trees are a perfect addition to any garden or backyard as they provide beneficial shade and privacy to your yard. And just like you tend to the garden, trees need to be nurtured in order to thrive, especially if you own fruit trees! Here are four tips on how to keep your trees in the best shape this summer!

Fresh Mulch

Mulching is an incredible insulator for winter and provides much-needed protection from pests and disease, but it also adds an extra layer of moisture and defence against the heat for trees in the summertime! Help your trees’ root systems grow strong by spreading at least three inches of mulch in a donut shape around your tree, leaving a little bit of room around the trunk. Be careful not to apply too much however as it can sometimes be a situation of “less is more” with mulching!


Trees need food too! Fertilizing offers essential nutrients to the soil and the healthier the soil, the healthier the tree. Make sure you fertilize consistently to provide the best nutrition to the tree’s root systems. This will encourage new growth and a heartier crop for fruit-bearing trees!

Prevent Heat Stress

With young, delicate trees, it’s important to watch them for signs of heat stress! Supply some shade for baby trees in the especially hot weather and keep your eyes peeled for signs of wilting and yellowing leaves. If your tree is suffering heat stress, make sure to give it lots of water and watch for the signs to protect your trees next time.

Water On The Clock

Establishing a watering schedule is important in these hot summer months as well as making sure not to water your trees at the highest heat of the day to prevent rapid evaporation. Trees prefer morning or evening watering and they respond best to deeper, fewer waterings! Make sure to thoroughly soak the soil to reach the roots and encourage deeper root systems. Focus more on watering the root systems than anything else, your tree will thank you!

Just as we tend to our gardens and flower beds, our trees deserve our time and attention in order to live to their fullest potential. Protecting and caring for your trees doesn’t have to be an arduous chore if you prepare and properly manage a consistent fertilizing, watering and mulching schedule. If you’ve got questions concerning the health of your trees or a possible pest issue, don’t be afraid to give us a call at 403.262.1666! We’re here to help you protect your trees!