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How to Protect Your Trees from Pests!

protecting trees from pests

Though they tower over us and provide the comfort of shade from the hot summer sun, trees are actually just sensitive giants that are susceptible to a number of dangers. From pests to disease, help to defend the trees in your yard this summer by following a few simple tips from us at One Man and a Ladybug! Proper care for our gentle, leafy giants prevents health hazards like pest infestations or disease, and here’s what you can do to help them!


Trimming your trees is more than just beautification and that’s why we encourage you to trim your trees every spring! Pruning your trees not only removes damaged or diseased limbs, but it also allows for more airflow and new, healthy growth. Pruning also promotes flower and fruit production which is visually appealing too! Make sure to disinfect your shears with either alcohol or a mix of one part bleach and one part water between trees to prevent the spread of possible disease. In addition to pruning, another aspect of grooming is removing deadfall from around the base of the tree as this is a prime home for the problem bugs.

Hydration is Key

A healthy tree is a well-hydrated tree and it’s important to water plants thoroughly throughout their growing season. Plan to water your trees at least twice a month in the summer, either with a slow-release watering apparatus or a garden hose left on a low trickle for about an hour or so. Help them retain moisture by mulching your trees with at least three inches of organic mulch with a three-foot radius from the trunk of the tree. This helps regulate the temperature of the soil and prevents weeds!

Call the Experts

Monitoring your trees is another important aspect of tree care as you’ll notice right away if things seem off. But sometimes it isn’t as easy as trimming the diseased limbs or spraying the pests off with soapy water. Sometimes you have to call in the professionals to manage a much bigger problem. If it comes to that, we’ve got you covered!

We take tree care seriously here at One Man and a Ladybug and we are here to help with any tree care questions or concerns you might have. If you suspect you’ve got a pest infestation or an unruly disease on your hands, call us at 403.262.1666 and we’ll help you come up with the best solution to save your trees!