How To Prepare Your Home For Winter Pests

Calgary Exterminators and Pest Control Experts at One Man and a Lady Bug are gearing up for a busy winter handling requests for Pest Management in and around Calgary.  With dropping temperatures and weather systems that drive even the toughest Calgarian indoors – common house-hold pests are on the look-out for warmth, shelter and sustenance.  Even though you might not think your home is worthy of ‘show home’ status – it resembles a palace to pests that arrive uninvited and over-stay their welcome.  When it comes to hunkering down for the long, cold winter months – your home is nothing less than a five-star hotel.

Pest Infestation can be a concern for home and business owners during the winter – and if defending your territory with a litter of mice hungry cats and eagle-eyed birds is not an option – then taking a few steps to ensure your home is adequately protected from easy access points will help deter pests from considering your home a winter squat-house.  The first step in avoiding a winter pest infestation involves walking the perimeter of your home or business – looking for cracks around doors, windows and foundation – sealing openings around drains and pipes that might provide an easy entry point for some determined little critter – and removing piles of wood and leaves that are close to your home, and may be harboring a pack of pests.

Keep in mind that what may appear like a tiny opening or crack to you is a gigantic welcome sign to critters.  Mice can squeeze through openings that are about a ¼ -inch in size – they can jump as high as a foot and climb thirteen feet up perfectly smooth walls – they travel twelve feet per second and to top off their physical strength, they can swim half a mile.  So if you think that getting in to your home or business and taking over is going to be tough for them – it will be easy and fast.  Oh and they also reproduce at an alarmingly fast rate.

Calgary Pest Exterminators at One Man and a Lady Bug are equipped to help homeowners prepare for winter and potential pest infestation.  Providing on-site assessments to evaluate a structures risk for pest entry – this Calgary Pest Management Company can swiftly detect weak areas and make appropriate recommendations.  If you’re hoping your winter will be warm and cozy – and critter-free – contact One Man and a Lady Bug today.  Ask about monthly specials.