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All about Mice in Calgary

Adorable, fluffy, whimsical little creatures that are featured regularly in cartoons, movies and bedtime stories, too often grow up to become rotten little pests that torment humans having to live with them.  Mice – love them or hate them – we all agree that once they invade our precious space they become nothing more than a common household pest – requiring swift and precise handling from Calgary’s top Pest Management Companies.

Mice Exterminators in Calgary focus on the prevention, control and treatment of these unwanted pests.  With extensive knowledge in understanding the distinct behaviours of Mice – exterminators in Calgary can act quickly and efficiently to remove these rodents from homes, businesses and other structures where humans gather.  Using live traps, baits and pesticides that do not pose a threat to humans or family pets – Calgary Pest Management Company One Man and a Lady Bug are considered experts in removing mice from homes and businesses.

Why do Mice infest our homes? Warmth and safety.  Falling temperatures initiate the need to seek shelter from snow, ice and predators who view mice as a tasty winter snack.  Gaining entry to homes and offices through cracks in foundations, gaps in windows and around doors, sewer lines and drain pipes that have not been properly sealed – once in, it doesn’t take long before mice take over their new abode – reaching numbers in excess of two hundred in about twenty four weeks.  Left untreated; two hundred mice can become over five hundred in approximately twenty seven weeks.

Ensuring your Calgary Home is protected from an Infestation of Mice by filling any foundation cracks, fixing broken screens and windows etc. is an essential step in defending your premises.  Having a Calgary Pest Control Firm review your establishment and address all potential entry points is also a great idea – as Mice Exterminators in Calgary are experts at noticing every opportune spot a mouse will take advantage of.  For more information on Mice Infestation in Calgary – or to set up an appointment – contact One Man and a Lady Bug today 403.262.1666

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