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Protecting Your Garage and Shed From Critters

If you read our last blog you’re probably ready to start some spring cleaning in your garage.  Mice, spiders, termites and ants love to claim garage and shed space as theirs – and quickly make their mark by chewing through drywall and cables to build their own homes amongst your precious possessions.  You may be thinking ‘nothing wrong with a few pests in the garage’ – but keep in mind that not only do they cause incredible mess; they can also compromise the structure by chewing or burrowing through wood framing.

Carpenter Ants
Nobody ever wants to learn that their garage is overrun with Carpenter Ants as the image of a main nest and a host of satellite nests is enough to make anyone abandon hope of ever getting an ant infestation under control.  Carpenter Ants need the attention of experienced Pest Control Exterminators – as noticing the subtle sign of an ant infestation is something a trained eye picks up on quickly.  If you’re going to get rid of Carpenter Ants it’s best to seek the assistance of a Calgary Pest Control team who can determine where the main nest is located.  Looking for frass – junk thrown from the nest – that can get caught up in cobwebs and deposited around the perimeter of the structure – even sawdust from the ants munching can sometimes be seen.  Avoiding using sprays and other ant control methods will leave the evidence of an infestation in place – enabling an experienced technician to observe the signs and follow ant activity to the main nest.  If the main nest is not dealt with your ant infestation will continue.

Keeping The Garage Clean
Calgary Pest Management and Exterminators at One Man and a Lady Bug explain that just like most pest control prevention – it all starts with cleanliness.  Keeping food and garbage in the garage will act as a magnet to hungry pests and rodents, so keeping garbage in sealed plastic containers is important if they can’t be kept on the outside.  Piles of old newspaper and boxes is another attractor for critter activity as not only does it provide a great hiding place it’s also warm and cozy – a feature pests are particularly drawn to.  Just like your home – the message is clean up – sweep out and don’t leave any welcome signs that will entice pests in to your shed or garage.  Making sure your garage door closes properly and all cracks are sealed is a great start to keeping pests on the outside.

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