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Common Places to Find House Pests

From unusual squeaks and bumps in the night to tell-tale ‘signs’ of an unwanted house guest – now is the time of year that critters and creepy-crawlies that have been hanging around your yard during the summer months, inch their way up drainpipes, through broken window screens, in to the warmth and comfort of your home where they’ll seek refuge during cold winter days and nights.

Calgary Pest Management Company – One Man and a Lady Bug – know only too well how tenacious pests can be when it comes to finding shelter and sustenance.  Always considered opportunists – and regardless of whether they have to hop, crawl, flutter or slink their way in to a protective area – household pests will do what it takes to squeeze their way in to an unsuspecting home.  With nighttime temperatures falling to around and below zero; now is the time for pests to make their way to warmer territory – and all manner of pests make the pilgrimage to basements, cellars and antics – from mice, ants, wasps, bees and flies – no home or building is too grand or too inaccessible to these critters.

Ants become a particular bothersome houseguest and are the most common home invader. Capable of destroying a home’s wood structure and contaminating food – ants are annoying little pests that invade quickly, in huge numbers, and can prove tiresome to get rid of.  The most common place to find an ant infestation in your home is in crevices and wall voids, along baseboard heaters, and deep in your homes framework where Carpenter Ants Nests are often found.  Looking for heat, moisture and food – ants are often found nesting at the back of stoves and fridges – coming out when the coast is clear to dine on food remnants scattered on counter-tops and in kitchen corners.

Prevention is always the best method for preventing a pest infestation, and seeking expert eyes and guidance from an Extermination and Pest Control Company in Calgary is often the best place to start in preventing house pests setting up residence in your castle.  For more information on how to prevent, control and treat house pest issues – contact One Man and a Lady Bug today – don’t forget to check out the latest discounts 403.262.1666