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Tree Spraying: Why and When You Should Do It

Tree Spraying

For some renters who have had the opportunity to become homeowners, the knowledge of how to care for the trees in their yard might not be something they know or have been taught how to do. Some of us just haven’t been taught yet how to care for the trees in our yards and neighbourhoods, but our trees do need our help in these urban, concrete jungles. Spraying your trees with the right amount of treatment of protective chemicals can greatly benefit its longevity and overall health and we’re here to tell you when and why you should be tree spraying!

Protection Against Infestation

A big reason to spray your leafy or needled friends is to prevent, eradicate and discourage infestations of invasive insects and diseases, such as spider mites, oyster shell scale, caterpillars or sawflies. An infestation can cause a lot of damage and can sometimes be fatal if not treated or not treated correctly. These kinds of pests will travel from tree to tree in your yard and it’s essential to spray all your trees, or at least similar trees, when dealing with a pest or disease invasion. Be sure you’re working with a professionally trained pest control technician as using the wrong sprays at the wrong times can do a lot more destruction.

Timing is Everything
When you should spray a tree has a lot to do with the life cycles of the pests and diseases that target particular species of trees and the time frame in which to treat it can be a very specific window of opportunity. A variable in this window is fruit-bearing trees and when it’s safe to spray them around their growing seasons. Keep in mind that when you spray may affect the upcoming fall or spring season. Are you willing to forgo a harvest and spray in the spring or to give up some colourful fall foliage and spray in the fall? Spraying at the wrong time or spraying with the wrong chemical can be incredibly dangerous for pets, yourself, your children and other family members, the good bugs and the surrounding flora and fauna. It’s vital that a pest be accurately identified so it can be dealt with correctly and the best way to do this is to work with trained experts.

Why You Spray
The reason to spray your tree is to protect it and give it the possibility of a longer life span. Just as we prune and trim for the health of our trees, periodic spraying can be another protective benefit and can help the tree develop a strong immune system. If applied at the right time, spraying an infected, damaged tree can instantly relieve it while killing off the infection. We only spray a tree when necessary and we strive to use eco-conscious products to treat our leafy companions here at One Man and a LadyBug. We’re happy to help you decide when to spray to best help your trees.

Every case is a little different and will need specific equipment and properly mixed chemicals to attack an infestation and the best way to treat these invasions is with the help of an expert. We’re here to assist and help you get rid of your pest problem, whether it’s with one treatment or several. Your case is unique and we’ll craft a plan that works for your situation. Give us a call at 403.262.1666 to talk to our knowledgeable staff about your trees!