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How to Identify Mosquito Breeding Grounds in Your Yard

Mosquito Breeding Grounds in Your Yard

With the heat and the moisture May gave to us, mosquitoes are sure to be interrupting our BBQs, bike rides, hikes and picnics as we continue to enjoy the warmth and life of summer. Where there’s one mosquito, there’s often a hoard following close behind and it’s a good idea to take preventative measures to make sure these little vampires don’t run you out of your own backyard. To reduce the annoyance and potential disease carriers on your property, follow these tips to identify potential mosquito breeding grounds in your yard!

It’s important to understand that while they are annoying, mosquitoes actually pose a major potential health risk to the public via the diseases they carry and the disruption they can cause to fragile ecosystems within our communities if left to reproduce. These aggravating insects need to be regarded with caution. There are at least 80 species in Canada and they kill more people worldwide than any other animal or insect. That might sound staggering and scary, but it’s essential to properly protect yourself against these buzzing menaces and reduce populations on our own property in the process!

Standing Water
Any amount of standing water an inch or more in-depth is prime breeding territory for mosquitoes to multiply and become a swarm. The best way to combat mosquito habitat is to remove stagnant and still water from your property. It’s not just puddles that mosquitoes will choose to breed in, birdbaths, swimming pools, ponds, fountains, rain barrels and other areas that water will collect are all fair game. Other places water collects that we might miss are things like flower beds and pots, grill covers, pet dishes, buckets, wheelbarrows, tires, trash can lids, gutters, yard debris like sticks or piles of leaves and any surface water can collect on. Remove the chance for water to accumulate, such as turning the wheelbarrow upside down or creating a drainage solution, and this will help!

Water Fixes
Keep your water moving or make it uninviting and mosquitoes won’t try to make a home there. This can look like washing and rinsing out the birdbath every week because that’s enough to prevent mosquitoes from turning that lovely chickadee bath into a nursery! Ponds are gorgeous features to backyards, but cutting back vegetation, keeping algae to a minimum and installing an aeration system or a fountain to promote water movement will keep mosquitoes at bay. For further protection, consider adding fish to your little pond and they’ll consume the mosquito populations down. For things like swimming pools, chlorination and frequent cleaning is the way to stop mosquitoes in their tracks at the edge of the pool. Investing in a pool cover or emptying the pool when you go on vacation will also help. When it comes to kiddie pools, make sure you’re cleaning them out frequently and don’t leave them full of water when you’re not using them. You want to combat not just the larvae, but the adults too, so cleaning out clogged gutters or drains and preening back thick brush or bush will eliminate some hiding spots for adult mosquitoes!

Even with preventative measures in place and breeding grounds reduced, sometimes this isn’t enough to eliminate the mosquito problem plaguing your outdoor dinner parties or midday pool gatherings. If you’re dealing with a bigger problem, give us a call at 403.262.1666 and we’ll be there to help you create a plan to fix that mosquito issue. We at One Man and a LadyBug can help you discern the why and how to solve an insect invasion and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Contact us to book a consultation with us today!