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Three Ways to Help Your Trees Stay Healthy

Three Ways to Help Your Trees Stay Healthy - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

We are hopeful that spring is actually here to stay this time! With this in mind, we need to start thinking about how to keep our trees healthy as the warmer weather approaches. Trees are an investment in our properties that provide free air conditioning in the form of shade, make our landscapes more appealing, and provide shelter from nasty weather. Sometimes this weather can take a toll on our trees, which makes it all the more important for us to take care of them. Nurturing our trees, both young and fully mature, doesn’t have to be a difficult job. Help them stay resilient this summer with a few easy tricks to aid in their longevity!


Trees suffer from dehydration just like we do. Making sure we are properly hydrating all of our trees is the first step in maintaining their health. If we happen to experience a drier summer this year, it’s important that we provide the right amount of moisture for each of them. Some may need more moisture than others, and if you’re unsure of what kind of trees are living in your yard, start with this handy guide to help you identify them! As a rule of thumb, the younger the tree, the more water it will need to sustain itself. On average, most trees need about 25 gallons of water a week to stay hydrated. This comes to about 1.5 inches of rainfall, but if we don’t see that much rain in seven days, it’s essential to provide them with moisture! This can be done by leaving a garden hose at low pressure next to the base of the tree for half an hour once a week or by setting up a 25 gallon, slow release water bag and refilling it weekly.


If your parents constantly reminded you to take your vitamins as a kid, fertilizer is the young tree’s vitamin equivalent! While it’s beneficial to provide mature trees with fertilizer, it’s crucial for younger trees while they are still developing intricate root systems, especially if they are blossoming trees! It’s all dependant on the fertility of the soil as most trees can survive just fine on the basics provided by the ground they are rooted in. But it never hurts to add a little extra sustenance, and seasonal mulching can also help with that! If mulching is something you are interested in doing this year, make sure to remember the 3x3x3 rule: three inches of mulch in a three foot circle that sits at a three inch radius around your tree. Not only is mulch incredible in aiding the nourishment of a tree, but it also naturally prevents weed growth and helps hold moisture in the soil!


Trees don’t have much in the way of defence mechanisms against pests and disease. Therefore it’s our job to make sure they don’t get sick or become overrun with creepy crawlies! The best way to keep track of your tree’s health is by keeping an eye on it’s leaves. Watch for curling, filminess, wilting, and chew marks as this will be the first indication of illness or pests. If the tree is quite visibly unhealthy or overrun, it’s time to call in the experts before it’s too late or the problem spreads. Another danger to trees are animals that make meals out of them. Deer are quite fond of young leaves and will destroy a seedling or young tree if given the chance. Setting up deer fencing or trunk guards is always a good idea if animals are a threat!

Trees deserve our care and attention as they benefit our lives in countless ways. It just takes a little extra responsibility to give back a fraction of what they give to us, so let’s make this summer one for the trees!

If you suspect pests or illness are an issue, don’t be afraid to give our friendly team a call at 403.262.1666. Here at One Man and a Lady Bug, we are here for the trees and we want to help you take care of yours!