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Three Tips for Summer Tree Care

Three Tips for Summer Tree Care - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

Trees love the summer heat as much as we do, and this summer is turning out to be a warm one! To ensure that your trees are thriving, there’s a few things you can do to assist them in having the most fruitful and healthy summer possible. 

Water Those Babies!

It’s a common mistake to over-water a tree, but it’s something that’s easy to learn how to do properly! The main objective is to reach the deep roots of the tree without letting the soil get soggy. This can usually be achieved by directing a steady stream of water at the trunk of the tree for 30 seconds. The average tree needs about one inch of water per week to stay hydrated, and it’s best to water in less frequent but deep root reaching applications as opposed to shallow, frequent watering. Keep in mind that unless the summer is quite dry, you’ll really only need to water newly planted or young trees.

So ‘Mulch’ Fertilizer 

If you weren’t able to apply mulch to your trees in the spring, don’t worry! It’s never too late to mulch a tree, and doing so promotes moisture retention, prevents weeds from taking over and helps to balance soil temperatures. Simply spread three to four inches of shredded hardwood in a donut shape around the base of the tree, but be careful not to mound the mulch around the trunk as this could cause insects and disease to access the tree. In addition, you can add fertilizer to your mulch to boost your tree with some extra nutrients. Fertilizing a tree can increase healthy leaf growth, help fend off pests and illnesses and is especially helpful for trees that are growing in more urban or harsh environments.

Bugger Off

Trees are just as susceptible to illness as we are if they aren’t healthy. If you have saplings or newly transplanted trees to care for, make sure you’re consistently checking in on them for signs of pests and abnormalities. Infestations can spread quickly if left to their own devices. Familiarize yourself with common pests and diseases that could cause you some grief, such as aphids, elm scale, satin moths or black knot fungus.

If we take care of our tree friends in the best way we can this summer, we’re setting them up for a more successful winter. While winter is the last thing we want to be thinking about as the summer fun heats up, it’s important to take care of our trees to ensure their survival. If you find yourself faced with pests or diseases, don’t be afraid to call us at 403.262.1666. We’re here to help you make this summer the healthiest yet for your trees!