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Safely Handling Dead Vermin

Safely Handling Dead Vermin - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

Dealing with vermin in your home or office is never an ideal situation, especially if it’s a more invasive issue. But when traps are successful, we breathe a sigh of relief! Until we remember we have to deal with the aftermath of this success. Handling vermin is definitely not the most appealing task, but when protective measures are taken, it’s a quick and easy process.

First and foremost, find yourself a pair of rubber or disposable gloves. Never ever handle vermin carcasses with your bare hands because not only do they carry a multitude of diseases and bacteria, it’s just plain icky! If neither of these are available, a plastic grocery bag secured with an elastic around your wrist will do the trick! Spray the vermin and the surrounding area with a bleach and water solution or a good disinfectant. Place the mouse or critter into a resealable plastic bag. You can either toss the trap with the body or keep it for future use. If you have more than once carcass to deal with, put them each in separate baggies. Put those bags into a plastic grocery bag and tie a tight knot. Double bagging will ensure that the smell is less potent and less likely to bring curious animals in to investigate. Toss the bag into the trash and make sure to tightly seal the lid.

Disinfecting and properly cleaning the area where the trap was is important. Using a mixture of bleach and water, a quarter cup of bleach to two cups of hot water, wipe down the surface and immediate area around where you found the critter. Spray the area with a heavy-duty disinfectant and dispose of the bleach mixture and your plastic gloves. Please do wash your hands thoroughly after this process!

It’s not appealing to have to deal with dead vermin, but it is so much less appealing to deal with many living and destructive vermin! If traps and other preventative measures are simply not enough to solve the problem, do not hesitate to give One Man and a Ladybug a ring at 403-262-1666, and we’ll make that pest problem a memory!