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Pest Proofing Your Home for Autumn

Pest Proofing Your Home for Autumn - One man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

As the days begin to get a little shorter and the weather a bit nippier, we start to pull out our fall jackets and scarves and wait patiently in line for our pumpkin spice lattes. Fall may be one of our favourite seasons, but pests and creepy crawlies aren’t nearly as excited about the fashion trends and cooler weather. In fact, they start to seek refuge in our homes, scurrying to where it’s warm and attempting to make our home a cozy little critter nest. Pest proofing your home for autumn is a must if you prefer to keep your pumpkin spice lattes to yourself, so here are a few quick easy tips to get you started.

Close the Door on Pests.

Having entryways that are easy access points for critters and bugs is only going to encourage them to join you inside. Take a peek at your front and back doors, and make sure the seals are properly installed, and replace any dishevelled weather stripping or caulking. Double check that the screens are tear-free without any openings and fit properly into the windows of your home. Pay extra attention to basement windows! While you’re outside inspecting the basement windows, if you have any, take a look at the foundation of your home as well and watch for cracks or crevices. These are easily fixed with caulk or concrete and steel or copper wool also plug holes quite nicely! Attic vents are easy access for critters so make sure those are also tightly mouse proofed with screens!

Autumn Clean.

It might seem like common sense, but another easy way to stop the invasion of critters is to keep your home clean. Leaving out food and dirty dishes for too long is an open invitation for creepy crawly dinner guests. Getting into the habit of doing a quick kitchen clean every day will help prevent the critters from pulling up a chair at your supper table. It’s as easy as wiping down counters and other surfaces with vinegar, which helps to remove the food odours, and sweeping the floor and cleaning up spills or garbage on the daily. Keep food sealed and refrigerated, especially any grain products, nuts, pet food, and rice. Another easy trick is to keep the clutter in your home to a minimum. Newspapers, junk mail, and clothing are perfect for hiding under if you’re a bug. And if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, it’s not a bad idea to vacuum weekly, as bugs never win a fight with a vacuum.

While applying these methods to help with prevention, also keep an eye on leaky faucets as these are the most common sources for pests and bugs to grab a drink while invading your home. The best way to prevent an infestation or invasion is to catch it quickly and setting up pre-emptive traps can help with this, such as glue traps which catch both bugs and rodents. But sometimes, no matter how hard you pest proof your house, the critters somehow weasel their way in. If this is the case, give our friendly team a call at 403-262-1666, and we would be happy to help you clear out any dinner guests that weren’t invited.