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More Spring Tree Care!

More Spring Tree Care! - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Company- Featured Image

When the weather warms up, the majority of Albertans will flock to the outdoors to soak up that sunshine to make up for the lost time over the winter. But we’re not the only ones soaking up those rays! That’s right, the trees are loving it too! We covered spring tree care in our article last month, but we thought it wouldn’t hurt to add a few more tips to help you look after the trees that shade your lawn!


Do you know why it’s important to prune your trees in early spring? Pruning stimulates new growth and with dead and dying branches removed, there’s ample room for those new shoots to start showing up and soaking in the sun. Not only is pruning essential for shaping a tree, but pruning away disease will extend the life of a tree! Of course, not all trees love pruning in spring. The maple tree, for example, should only be pruned in June and July!


Along with feeding your tree via fertilizer and maybe a slow-release watering apparatus, your trees may also need some protection from the animals that are shedding their winter coats. A rabbit fence around your younger or newly planted trees may be essential if you’ve got an abundance of hungry hares in the area.

It’s important that you always keep a close eye on your trees, no matter the season. As spring pushes its way through this erratic Alberta weather, be sure to watch for fungus, pests or diseases on your trees, young and old. If you’ve found something suspicious and you’re not sure what to do next, give us a call at 403.262.1666 and we’d be happy to help you care for your trees!