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Here Comes the Sun – Here Come the Spiders

You’ve waited all year to be able to fire-up the barbeque, drag out the lounge chairs, and surround yourself with colourful flower pots.  What you weren’t planning on were a few extra creatures in the yard and even your home – spiders! Summertime is not just a season for humans to play – spiders make their presence known at this time of year and can become unwelcome guests at the family reunion.  One Man and a Ladybug – Calgary’s Pest Control Specialists – share some insight as to why summer brings these little critters out, and more importantly, what you can do to handle a spider infestation in Calgary.

Spiders in Calgary are a normal sight during warm summer months.  That’s because summer is breeding season for spiders and like other creatures looking to have some fun; breeding cycles make for high activity. Even when they’re lazily spinning their web to catch some unsuspecting prey, spiders can bring out extreme anxiety and be all the motivation a person needs to contact a Pest Control Company in CalgaryThe good news is that spiders in Calgary are usually harmless – and if a person does have the misfortune of being bitten by a spider it’s comparable to a mosquito bite or bee-sting.  Unlike countries like Laos (home of the world’s largest spider) and Brazil (native spiders are able to swallow hummingbirds’ whole and weigh-in at 6oz) Calgary’s spider population is more of a hindrance than a hazard, but if left unchecked can take over an office or home in no time.

It’s not unusual for Calgary Pest Control companies to receive calls in the summer requesting spider handling.  Spiders feed on flies and mosquitoes, so when they increase in numbers, so do spiders.  Though excellent pest control agents themselves; there are some steps to follow to prevent a spider infestation.

Remove all webs that don’t have a spider in them

If a spider is on a window-sill or by a door – coax it outside

Don’t let crumbs sit around baseboards and in corners – sweep floors regularly and behind appliances

Make sure all window and door screens are intact and close properly

Seal any small cracks around window and door frames to prevent access

Place yellow light bulbs in porch lights – this will attract fewer insects and discourage spiders from spinning webs at entrance ways

As with other forms of Pest Control in Calgary, avoid leaving stacks of newspaper around and keep floors clean from debris.  The fewer pests your home has, the less spider activity you’ll notice.

It’s important to mention that spiders play a vital role in the ecosystem, and complete eradication is not recommended.  To ensure that only environmentally friendly and health conscious applications are being used to handle your spider infestation, contact One Man and a Ladybug Pest Control Service.  This Calgary based pest management company is knowledgeable in the detection and control of spiders and other summertime pests like ants, wasps, moths and aphidsDon’t let a few spiders spoil your summer fun – let One Man and a Ladybug handle your pest control issues – providing 24/7 service – call today.

This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+