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Effective Rodent Control Methods for Your Home & Yard

The homeowner seeks an effective rodent control solution because rodents contaminate food in the pantry or cupboard.

At first glance, rodents (mice, voles, gophers, etc.) seem furry and cute. However, they can cause substantial property damage as they chew on siding, insulation, wires, and wallboard. They may also taint food in your pantry or cupboards and they often spread disease through contaminated urine or droppings (salmonella, typhus, hantavirus, hemorrhagic fever, monkeypox, leptospirosis). Preventing rodents from invading your home and yard is critical to keeping your family safe and healthy. The following is a guide to effective rodent control for your home and property. 

Methods of Natural Rodent Control

There are many natural ways to control rodents in your home and yard.

  • Seal holes and cracks in your foundation. 
  • Fill openings between the siding and the foundation and gaps in door jams. 
  • Cover fresh air/attic vents and crawl spaces with 6mm metal screening/mesh.
  • Place sheds on concrete slabs.
  • Keep your garbage in pest-proof containers. 
  • Rotate your compost pile frequently. 
  • Remove fallen nuts/fruit from the grounds. 
  • Ensure your bird feeders have trays and clean spilled seeds. 
  • Remove leftover pet food after feeding.
  • Plant eucalyptus, mint, or wormwood around the perimeter of your yard or home to make your space unattractive to rodents.
  • Trim plants near your home and cut back branches/trees/shrubs that are near the roof or balcony. 
  • Store firewood or lumber off the ground.
  • Employ rodent traps baited with dried fruit, peanut butte, or cheese.
  • Try ultrasound repellers. 
  • Use pathogens/biological agents/predators to alter habitat and discourage rodent nesting, helping eliminate populations.

Methods of Chemical Rodent Control

If your infestation is severe, chemical rodent control may be necessary. Rodenticides, though effective, are dangerous and can harm other animals. They must be handled with care as misapplication can cause severe illness or death. Use according to directions or contact a pest control expert for help with rodent control

Why Use the Services of a Pest Control Expert

A pest control professional has the training to understand rodent behaviour and is familiar with a variety of rodent control methods. They understand rodenticide usage and limitations. A pest control expert can judge what is the best method(s) to use for your situation. They can even suggest eco-friendly solutions. 

Have a rodent infestation on your property? Not sure how to get rid of rodents in your house or yard? Contact One Man and a Ladybug. Our friendly experts have the tools and experience necessary to safely combat any rodent infestation threatening your yard or home.