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Indoor Bugs and How to Keep Them Out

You’re just settling down for a relaxing evening on the couch, checking-out the latest Netflix offerings and enjoying a glass of your favorite vino, when out of the corner of your eye you notice some scuttling in the corner.  The family dog’s ears have pricked-up telling you that you weren’t imagining the slight movement that’s got you wondering if you’re going to be on bug control all night.

Household Bugs – Why so Many?

Creepy Crawlies can have the bravest of us hiding under covers and cowering around corners.  How can something so small make us feel so vulnerable and creeped out?  Is it the quickness of movement or the buzzing and fluttering that makes us shiver? Or maybe it’s the fact that our space has been invaded and we’re faced with sharing our sanctuary with some undesirables.  But do you really have to share your home with a bunch of homeless bugs? There are proven methods for handling a bug infestation and from deterring them entering your home.

Keep Them Out by Keeping Tidy

There’s nothing bugs love more than an untidy kitchen that has sticky countertops and a floor covered in crumbs.  And even if you’re the cleanliest of housekeeper’s bugs will still find a way to get at bags of flour for nourishment and burrow through piles of newspaper for warmth.  The trick to keeping bugs out of your home is to make it as unwelcoming for them as possible – which means putting food like flour, cereal and grains in glass containers – keeping food that is meant for pets away from decks and patios so that it isn’t the initial attractor to your home – and of course checking the perimeter of your home for big welcome signs such as cracks in the foundation and loose piping that is literally a magnet to opportunistic bugs.

Stay Dry to Reduce Sustenance

Water is a big lure for bugs – especially mosquitoes and cockroaches, even flies take advantage of a moist environment.  Part of the problem is that certain bugs lay eggs in water – so having an abundance of it due to leaking faucets, sinks full of stagnant water and pools of it around the home, only make it easier for a small concern to bloom into a bigger issue.  Fixing leaky pipes and removing stagnant water goes a long way in keeping bugs out of your house.

From ants to wasps, flies and mosquitoes – prevention is always the best defense in keeping your home bug free.  For tips and tricks on keeping bugs and pests out of your home and yard – contact Calgary Pest Control team at One Man and a Lady Bug.