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The Importance of Fall Pest Control

The Importance of Fall Pest Control - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Removal Services Calgary

Most home and business owners would agree that each season brings its own challenges when it comes to managing critters, bugs, and pests. However, nothing quite compares to the amount of pest action that shows up during the fall with the noticeable cooling of temperatures and the rush to find suitable hibernation for winter. Fall sees heightened activity from rodents, ants, and spiders as they leave their summer nests and hideouts to search for shelter that will protect them throughout the fall and winter months. Protecting homes and businesses is the first defense against unwanted pests, as once they’ve crossed the threshold, it’s hard work destroying an infestation.

Preventing Rodent Damage

It’s bad enough that they carry viruses and bacterium, but knowing that they can gnaw through electrical cables, munch through drywall as though it was dessert, and rummage around your pantry in an attempt to get at food just confirms how dirty and damaging rodents can be. One of the challenges of preventing mice from gaining access to a home or business is the sheer agility and resourcefulness of these creatures. Not dampened by water – they can swim, or daunted by high walls – they can climb, mice can even squeeze themselves into the tiniest of nooks and cracks. From there, they access buildings through gaps that are no more than ¼ inch wide. So how do you keep these furry critters out of your home?

Sealing all Entry Points

If you dread the idea of spending a weekend sealing cracks in the foundation and repairing warped door frames or exposed piping, put a positive spin on these minor renos and remember that these points of entry are also exits for heat and energy! Sealing them up not only keeps mice out, but it also helps to prevent high energy bills. Using some wire wool around pipes and sealing up cracks and missing grout are easy and fast ways to ensure mice and other creatures in search of warmth stay out of your home. Preventing them accessing a building is much easier than getting them out once they’ve claimed residence – as for every mouse you see, there are likely seven lurking close-by.

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