Things to Think About Before DIY Rodent Control

Things to Think About Before DIY Rodent Control - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

Do-it-yourself is all the rage right now, but sometimes doing it yourself can be a little messy. When it comes to rodent control, this can often be the case if precautions aren’t taken into account! We are often caught thinking of just the solution instead of the entire process. But this isn’t to say that DIY can’t be achieved when trying to keep your home critter-free. Here’s what to keep in mind if you’re planning to take the route of “taking care of it yourself!”

First, there’s the list of preventative measures you must take before there’s even a risk of invasion. Cleanliness is the number one deterrent, though mice are known to make homes anywhere and everywhere. But keeping your home base clean is the cardinal rule in the fight against rodents. Start by sealing all edible items airtight and cleaning all spills and leftovers in your kitchen, as well as any debris or garbage in your yard. If it’s possible for a mouse to hide under it, it will find a way to make a home there. Sealing all entry points with copper or steel wool is the next step. Remember that if a mouse can fit it’s head through, it will get inside!

Second, if the possibility of an invasion has become a reality, there’s a few ways you can deal with a mouse infestation yourself. This can be done through mouse traps or poisons. Considering that most infestation issues result in having to deal with the removal of the bodies, there are safety measures that need to put into place. Mice are riddled with disease and should never be handled with bare hands. Disinfecting the immediate area around the carcass is a must, and always put the carcass in a doubled plastic bag and straight into an outdoor trash can. When you are using poisons to deal with your mouse problem, keep in mind that the dog might find a poisoned little mouse cadaver before you do!

If you have pets or small children, poisons are not the safest solution. Mouse traps are much less toxic and are easy to control and set up. Peanut butter is a better lure than cheese, despite what the cartoons tell us, and following the steps of cleanliness is essential when dealing with the aftermath. But perhaps you aren’t interested in doing away with your tiny mouse invaders in such a lethal manner. If dealing with dead mice just isn’t your cup of tea, catch and release is a much less macabre alternative. It can be a little trickier however, as you must then transport the mouse far enough away from your home.

So you’ve gotten your DIY rodent control well underway, but you’re still finding it difficult to manage your rodent problem. That’s okay! Your efforts made a difference, but sometimes it’s essential to call in the experts to help you out. The One Man and a Lady Bug pest control experts have honed their skills in detecting and removing less than friendly critters! If you have any questions or you need some suggestions for your DIY rodent control, give us a call. We are happy to help!